Fall 2019 Move-In Information

Dunster Sophomores participating in orientation are welcome to move-in on Thursday, August 29th.   This is not considered early move-in for sophomores participating in orientation, and therefore you do not need special permission from the DSO to move-in on this date. Requests from sophomores to move-in prior to August 29th must be approved by the DSO. Students are welcome to email collegehousing@fas.harvard.edu with any questions about whether their circumstances qualify for the early move-in requirements. Orientation on Friday, August 30, will include a Boston Harbor Cruise and other activities to acquaint sophomores with the House and each other. We have sent emails via Dunster-Official regarding orientation, and will continue to send updates and a registration link, so keep an eye on your email over the coming weeks!

Dunster Juniors and Seniors are welcome to move-in beginning Saturday, August 31. All early move-in requests for dates prior to August 31 need to be approved by the Dean of Students Office. Students are welcome to email collegehousing@fas.harvard.edu with any questions about whether their circumstances qualify for the early move-in requirements. Outside of the DSO-approved list, the Houses are not able to provide keys or access to juniors and seniors prior to the official move in date. You will need an email confirmation from DSO in order to move in early.

Sophomore Housing Assignments will be released College-wide via email at the end of the second (full) week of August. This communication will also include your mailbox assignment, mailing address, and general move-in information including where to pick up your key. Upperclassmen will receive a similar email confirming their housing assignment and mailbox number at this same time.

Shipping Packages to the House: Houses are not accepting student mail/packages over the summer. The Package Depot, located by MAC lawn, opens August 21. You can start shipping packages on that day and they will be delivered to the package depot – not the house. A detailed schedule will be provided closer to the opening date. For questions regarding mail and packages please contact the Building Manager Lucia Baldock.

We look forward to welcoming you to the House later this month!