Each December, the students elect two Co-Chairs, one Secretary/Treasurer, one Publicity Chair, one Administration Chair, and two Social Chairs, who serve from January to January. Dunster HoCo is responsible for the continuance of traditions as well as the institution of new ideas and practices reflecting the diverse and growing interests of the changing body of students. From the Goat Roast to House formals, HoCo helps to plan House-wide social events. Annual Dunster events include:

  • Fall Hoedown: Celebrate the start of fall with music, games, food, and a petting zoo!
  • Harvard-Yale Tailgate: Food, drink, and music all day at the Game.
  • Winter Formal: A break from the pre-vacation grind to dance the night away.
  • Super bowl Watch Party: Wings, Dips, Commercials (and football!)
  • Freshman Welcome: A delegation of Dunsterites treks to Annenberg, complete with Moose suit, Dunster flag, and a Trojan Moose to welcome with t-shirts and other goodies the freshmen who have just won the housing lottery. Later they are welcomed back to the House for a celebratory ice cream bash!
  • Goat Roast: A long-standing Dunster tradition. Stone tools provide a unique and educational preparation for a spring day of food, drinks, music, and games.
  • Spring Formal: Dunster’s most elegant event. We bid farewell to graduating seniors and welcome the freshmen who will join us in the fall.

Other common activities include Stein Clubs, courtyard movies, candy grams, and seasonal cookouts. HoCo works all year to plan these and other events, and always welcomes new ideas, suggestions, and requests from students.

2020 House Committee Chairs

Dylan ZhouHOCO

Hi Dunster! I’m Dylan, a junior studying Physics and Computer Science and I’m super excited to be your HoCo chair! Besides the handwashing stations in our sparkling clean dining hall, my favorite parts about Dunster are watching the sun set over the Charles River while studying in the library, beating friends at squash in the gym, the Grille, and meeting all the diverse and interesting students living in Dunster (especially the other Dylan also studying Physics and Computer Science). Dunster House faces a new challenge with the upcoming online semester, but with one of the strongest house communities, it won’t be a problem. I have lots of ideas, and I’m sure you do too! Reach out, and we can make it happen. Here’s a photo of my blockmate Isabelle and I at the first event we organized, an ice cream bash for nearly 100 meese + friends of meese.

Bella Beckett8E8F45DE-1730-4262-8EA9-7AD2530C1D99

Hi friends! My name is Bella, and I’m a senior studying Neuroscience. I love Dunster House because of our beautiful courtyard, insta-worthy river views, and of course our unparalleled house community. My favorite part about being HoCo chair is working with our amazing house deans, administrators, fellow HoCo members, and the people of Dunster House on all of the events that make Dunster such a wonderful place to live. You can normally catch me cheerleading on the sidelines at Harvard football games, playing crossword puzzles in the dhall at breakfast, or jogging around the Charles. I know this semester is going to stray from the norm, but I’m excited to plan virtual events to keep our community safe and connected. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself on a zoom call, or email me if you have ideas for events that you want to see! Here’s a photo of my blockmates and me at our first trip to Dunster as official members of the moose family. Sending Dunster love to you, wherever you are!