Dunster House Committee (HoCo) is the student organization for maintaining and developing the unique character and spirit of Dunster House. The Dunster community is a tight-knit group that really does live, work, play, and learn together to a degree not found anywhere else. HoCo’s duties are twofold: first, helping develop House life, and second, working with House staff on events and student concerns. All student residents of Dunster House are automatically members of Dunster HoCo. Active membership is demonstrated through attendance at meetings and participation in the organization and execution of projects and events.

Each December, the students elect two Co-Chairs, one Secretary/Treasurer, one Publicity Chair, one Administration Chair, and two Social Chairs, who serve from January to January. Dunster HoCo is responsible for the continuance of traditions as well as the institution of new ideas and practices reflecting the diverse and growing interests of the changing body of students. From the Goat Roast to House formals, HoCo helps to plan House-wide social events. Annual Dunster events include:

  • Fall Hoedown: Celebrate the start of fall with music, games, food, and a petting zoo!
  • Harvard-Yale Tailgate: Food, drink, and music all day at the Game.
  • Winter Formal: A break from the pre-vacation grind to dance the night away.
  • Freshman Welcome: A delegation of Dunsterites treks to Annenberg, complete with Moose suit, Dunster flag, and a Trojan Moose to welcome with t-shirts and other goodies the freshmen who have just won the housing lottery. Later they are welcomed back to the House for a celebratory ice cream bash!
  • Goat Roast: A long-standing Dunster tradition. Stone tools provide a unique and educational preparation for a spring day of food, drinks, music, and games.
  • Spring Formal: Dunster’s most elegant event. We bid farewell to graduating seniors and welcome the freshmen who will join us in the fall.

Other common activities include Stein Clubs, courtyard movies, candy grams, and seasonal cookouts. HoCo works all year to plan these and other events, and always welcomes new ideas, suggestions, and requests from students.

Committee Bios

Timothy Kang, 2018, HoCo Chair

Hi Dunster! I’m Timothy, and I’ll be one of your HoCo Co-Chairs this year along with Jiho. I’m a junior studying Statistics and Computer Science, and I’m from Northridge, California. Aside from HoCo, I enjoy listening to audiobooks, and I love playing IM sports, which everyone should come out to at least once. I’m excited for the next year of House life and events we have planned for you guys!

Jiho Park, 2018, HoCo Chair

Hello beautiful meese of Dunster! I’m Jiho and I’m super pumped to be one of your HoCo Co-Chairs this year. I’m a junior concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology, and originally hail from warm and sunny Southern California. Outside of HoCo, I’m involved in Quiz Bowl and the classical music department of WHRB. My interests include food, whales and giraffes (not as food), and watching endless reruns of Parks and Recreation. I’m really looking forward to sharing exciting memories with my fellow meese during our formals, Housing Day, and Goat Roast!

Michelle Ko, 2019, Treasurer

Hey Dunster! I can’t wait to serve as your treasurer this year. I’m a sophomore from Cockeysville, Maryland and I’m studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. When I’m not in the reading room (feel free to swing by and say hi!), I love reading, creative writing, learning random languages, and running. On campus, I’m also involved with Alzheimer’s Buddies, Taiwanese Cultural Society, the Harvard College Writers’ Workshop, and THURJ. I’m so excited to meet you all and plan great events for the house!

Ben Kruteck, 2019, Secretary

Hi Dunster! I’m Ben, your secretary for this year. I’m a Sophomore from Boulder, CO studying Applied Math-Chem with a secondary in English. My favorite forms of procrastination involve cooking and baking, as well as rock climbing in the Lowell gym (come check it out!), hiking, and skiing. I’m looking forward to working on HoCo and getting to know as many Meese as I can.

Victor Agbafe, 2019, Community Liason

Hey guys, my name is Victor Agbafe and I am a Sophomore concentrating in government living here in the D!!!!! I love to run, listen to some Coldplay, John Legend, and as of recently Red Hot Chili peppers in my free time! I also find a good dose of laughter to be in the works on the reg! My spirit animal would be the lion because lions are vivacious! Overall, I’m a high energy person that loves to be around people! I serve as your community liaison on HoCo and I hope to help facilitate some great events between the houses in our neighborhood so we can all unwind at the end of a busy week!

Caroline Kerwin, 2018, Social Media Chair

Caroline is a junior psychology concentrator and is thrilled to be taking charge of HoCo’s social media presence. She hails from a suburb of Boston (no, not Lexington. Not Brookline either). She enjoys singing in the shower (sorry neighbors), long walks on the beach, and pronouncing the names of dishes at restaurants with a really pretentious foreign accent. She aims to increase HoCo’s internet presence on Facebook and Instagram, and plans on involving a lot of puns.

Andrew Torpey, 2018, Large Events Chair

Andrew Torpey (’18) is a junior in Dunster concentrating in Chemistry with a Secondary in Spanish. He is a director of the Alzheimer’s Buddies program and loves living that #premedlife. In his free time, he likes making baked goods, burning baked goods, and forcing his friends to pretend they like those burnt baked goods. As Large Events Chair, he hopes to enrich social life in Dunster, through formals, concerts and inclusive parties!

Michael Geisler, 2018, Social Chair

Originally from Indiana, Michael has lived all over the Midwest. He calls Toledo, Ohio home, and he’s always down to talk about the heartland of America. A junior at Harvard, Michael is studying history with a secondary in economics. Outside of planning super awesome Steins for Dunster House, Michael is very active in Harvard Model Congress. Michael is extremely excited to be on HoCo this year!

Ben Sorscher, 2018, Class of 2018 Representative

Hey Dunster!! I’m Ben. I’m a junior from Ohio studying Physics and Math, but I’m also pretty into documentary filmmaking, guitar, club hockey, and chilling in the Dunster dhall for hours on end. I couldn’t be more excited to be on hoco this year, and although I’m the class of 2018 rep, I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in this best house on campus!

Mitchell Jones, 2019, Class of 2019 Representative

Hey everyone! I’m Mitchell and I’m a sophomore living in Dunster West. I’m excited to have just declared a concentration in English and a secondary in Computer Science. You may see me around the house trekking to the dhall in pajamas, studying in the JCR (my favorite spot), or really anywhere but the gym. Around campus I’m involved in WHRB (the Harvard radio station) and TF’ing CS50, and I’m really excited to be the Class of 2019 rep this year!

Theresa Byrne, 2018, Small Events Chair

Angela Yi, 2019, Admin Chair