Dunster House Committee (HoCo) is the student organization for maintaining and developing the unique character and spirit of Dunster House. The Dunster community is a tight-knit group that really does live, work, play, and learn together to a degree not found anywhere else. HoCo’s duties are twofold: first, helping develop House life, and second, working with House staff on events and student concerns. All student residents of Dunster House are automatically members of Dunster HoCo. Active membership is demonstrated through attendance at meetings and participation in the organization and execution of projects and events.

Each December, the students elect two Co-Chairs, one Secretary/Treasurer, one Publicity Chair, one Administration Chair, and two Social Chairs, who serve from January to January. Dunster HoCo is responsible for the continuance of traditions as well as the institution of new ideas and practices reflecting the diverse and growing interests of the changing body of students. From the Goat Roast to House formals, HoCo helps to plan House-wide social events. Annual Dunster events include:

  • Fall Hoedown: Celebrate the start of fall with music, games, food, and a petting zoo!
  • Harvard-Yale Tailgate: Food, drink, and music all day at the Game.
  • Winter Formal: A break from the pre-vacation grind to dance the night away.
  • Freshman Welcome: A delegation of Dunsterites treks to Annenberg, complete with Moose suit, Dunster flag, and a Trojan Moose to welcome with t-shirts and other goodies the freshmen who have just won the housing lottery. Later they are welcomed back to the House for a celebratory ice cream bash!
  • Goat Roast: A long-standing Dunster tradition. Stone tools provide a unique and educational preparation for a spring day of food, drinks, music, and games.
  • Spring Formal: Dunster’s most elegant event. We bid farewell to graduating seniors and welcome the freshmen who will join us in the fall.

Other common activities include Stein Clubs, courtyard movies, candy grams, and seasonal cookouts. HoCo works all year to plan these and other events, and always welcomes new ideas, suggestions, and requests from students.

2018 House Committee Board 

HoCo Pic

Emma Orcutt: Dearest Dunster, I am a senior, HUDS chili fanatic, and Grille enthusiast. I currently reside in the “Penthouse Suite” with my six lovely roommates. I occasionally discuss gummy bears with Chef Donn Leonard in the dhall, fight with Susie Clements about who is taller, and study in the Hillel Solarium because I live for optics, sunshine, and windows. I know all 50 states and capitals and my blood is 95% hummus at this point. I also love to laugh. Join HoCo, tell me a good joke, or remind Susie that I am an inch taller and we will be fast friends–here’s to the best house on campus:)

Mitch Johns: Hey everyone! I’m Mitchell and I’m a Senior living in Dunster West. I study English, and I’m broadly interested in music, technology, and travel. You may see me around the house trekking to the dhall in pajamas, studying in the JCR (my favorite spot), or really anywhere but the gym. Around campus I’m involved with the Harvard Arts Museums and FOP, and I’ve loved meeting so many members of the house as a hoco cochair!

Susie Clements: My name’s Susie, and I’m a senior studying Hist & Lit. I’m Scottish and love nothing more than watching the Scottish rugby team losing (and occasionally winning) games on TV when I’m here in the States. I also work at the Dunster Grille and am on the women’s rugby team here. My birthday’s exactly a week after Halloween, because that’s how birthdays work.

Eric Kim: They call me Eric or the Cowboy Man Kim for short. I am serving as a fourth year resident in this house, but do not be alarmed if I still do not know the cardinal sides of the building. Freedom of speech and free Brady are two movements dear to my heart. I appreciate a good knock knock joke, but if you bring me a bad one, get ready for some Million Dollar Baby action. Scored by Clint Eastwood. You can probably find me alone in the dining hall waiting for my daughter to respond to my letters.

Andrew Shackelford: Hey everyone! I’m looking forward to putting on great events with HoCo this year! I’m a junior concentrating in Computer Science with a secondary in Government. I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, and am a huge Falcons and Braves fan. Outside of classes, I spend time as a video producer for CS50 and am a member of the HPU. Find me around the house playing pool with my roommates by the dining hall, and supporting Dunster House in IM sports (go Meese!).

Allison Piper: Hello! I’m a junior in Dunster concentrating in Social Studies. In addition to hoco I’m a Student Academic Integrity Fellow, a PAF, and a captain on the women’s club basketball team. My fave spot in Dunster is the courtyard esp with the new egg-shaped chairs!!!!! So stoked about my second semester as co-events chair!!

Iris Feldman: “I like talking about California, books, and sustainable financial planning.”

Matt Ybarra: Matt is a junior studying Applied Math and Music. He hails from the Golden State, plays the cello, and likes to wear sandals.

Eugene Oh: Eugene is a junior studying chemistry. He plays the sports and likes to wear sneakers.

Anne-Marie Crinnion: I’m a junior at the college studying Psychology. I’m fascinated by how we understand language and am Chair of the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior (HSMBB). Outside of Dunster Hoco, I am a Dunster IM rep and am most famously known for constantly advertising the spin classes I teach at the MAC (Thurs. at 5:30 and Sun at 11:15). Hopefully my popular Spin + Sushi event will make its way to the Dunster calendar sometime soon!

Rachel Tropp: Hi, everyone! I’m excited to be back in Dunster for a great new year! I’m a junior concentrating in government, originally from Trumbull, Connecticut. When I’m not in the dining hall, you might catch me working at Dunster Grille. Outside of Dunster, I’m involved with the IOP (especially CIVICS and the Harvard Political Union) and the Small Claims Advisory Service, and I’m currently doing an internship at the law school. I’m excited for all the Dunster events to come–see you around the house!

Shannon Beattie: Hey Meese! I’m a junior studying environmental science and public policy and I’m excited to be one of Dunster’s Stein chairs! I grew up in Long Island, New York and I’m the youngest of six kids. On campus, I work at the (legendary) Dunster Grille, and I’m involved in theater tech and CARE. Dunster is full of the most welcoming and amazing people and has definitely become a home for me at Harvard! Feel free to talk to me if you have ideas about how to make Steins more awesome (or if you just want to talk about cheese, Hamilton, or basically anything)!

Catherine Tu: Hello! I’m a junior studying computer science with a secondary in statistics. You’ll often find me hunched over my laptop while squinting at my screen in mild dismay. I am a gummy bear enthusiast and get overly excited when I see dogs with stumpy legs. Feel free to say hi when you see me around the house!

Mary-Katherine DeWane: My name is Mary Katherine DeWane, and I’m a junior and a Community Chair. I concentrate in Integrative Biology with a secondary in Archaeology. Feel free to find me in the dhall! I love talking about plants, Memphis, and new ideas to boost House Community!