Housing Dates and Deadlines

Please see below for information on upcoming housing dates and deadlines.

If you intend to cancel or return to College housing, or apply for an Inter-House Transfer, set up a time to meet with the House Administrator, Rachel Barbarisi, by emailing dn-ha@fas.harvard.edu, and she can walk you through what this means for you, your roommate(s), and your future housing accommodations.

For comprehensive information on College housing policies, deadlines, and requirements, please visit the Office of Student Life website.

Fall 2018 Returning Student Application: February 5

If you are on-leave, studying abroad, or living off-campus and would like to return to College housing in the fall, you must submit a Returning Student Application no later than February 5. There is no fee if you submit your RSA after this date, but you will automatically be placed on a space-available wait list, meaning that we will not be able to guarantee you a bed-space, and you will not be eligible to participate in the spring lottery.

  • Fall 2018 RSA forms can be found on the housing portal.
  • Everyone who has completed the Fall 2018 RSA by the February 5 deadline should receive housing lottery information no later than March 30. If you have not received any information by this date, please contact Rachel at dn-ha@fas.harvard.edu.
  • Please note that this is separate from any steps you may need to take for the Resident Dean’s Office in order to re-enroll. Please be sure to notify  Michael at Dunsterhousedean@fas.harvard.edu, and Diana at hovsep@fas.harvard.edu of your intention to return as soon as possible.

Fall 2018 Inter-House Transfer Application (Round I): Deadline February 5

  • Fall 2018 Inter-House Transfer applications can be found on the housing portal.
  • Students are eligible to apply either as individuals or as groups of 2. Groups of 2 will either be accepted or denied together.
  • If you are granted an Inter-House Transfer after submitting an application, you are required by the College to transfer to your new House.
  • Applying for an Inter-House transfer does not guarantee you will be accepted in your desired House(s).
  • If you have questions regarding whether you will be eligible to participate in the fall housing lottery for your new House, please contact the House Administrator.
  • There is a second Fall 2018 IHT round that takes place over the summer, however this functions differently than round I. Please reach out to Rachel at dn-ha@fas.harvard.edu with any questions regarding the different transfer processes.
  • Detailed information about the application process can be found on the OSL website, here.

Fall 2018 Housing Cancellation Deadline: May 14th

If you plan to cancel your spring housing for any reason, including to study abroad, move to the Dudley Co-op, move off-campus, or take a leave of absence, you will need to submit a housing cancellation form for the fall 2018 semester via the housing portal. The deadline to cancel without financial penalty is May 14th.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to cancel his or her housing. Receiving approval for a voluntary leave or study abroad program does not automatically cancel your housing.
  • Be sure to complete the Returning Student Application via the housing portal by the appropriate OSL deadline for the semester you plan to return. This form allows us the guarantee you college housing, and we would hate for you to end up on the housing waitlist!
  • If you intend to take a leave or study abroad be sure to notify the Resident Dean’s Office by emailing Michael at Dunsterhousedean@fas.harvard.edu, and Diana at hovsep@fas.harvard.edu.