angry_mooseResident Intramurals Tutors

Ken Skinner
Email: kskinner [at]

Erica Soto
Email: erica.anne.soto [at]

Avik Chatterjee
Email: avc031 [at]

Dunster IMs are fun, great exercise, and one of the best ways to meet new people in the House. Our goal? Nothing less than the Straus Cup! While athletic talent never hurts, enthusiasm and participation are the main things we are looking for.

If you’re interested in participating, e-mail one of the intramurals tutors to get onto an e-mail list for any sport you’d like to play.

Visit the IM Leagues website for more information including schedules, current standings, and sports offered. Once you’ve registered on the IM Leagues website, you can use the Rec it app to find game schedules and locations on your smartphone.

Calendar of Dunster IM Events

June  2017