Mooseletter – April 24, 2017

A Message from Roger and Ann

This past week was both encouraging and disappointing. We are grateful for much that we see in the House. On Wednesday, our dining hall staff produced a marvelous meal for the annual Red Tie Dinner. The evening was filled with great conversation and much fun. We were touched, more than words can adequately convey, by the expression of gratitude for the efforts we have made for more than a decade and a half. It was a moment that we will long remember. For those who attended the dinner – thank you!

The outing to the Brookline Boulders organized by our House Committee was a great success as was the Yard Fest Neighborhood Block Party. This week a tent will arrive on in our large courtyard on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday’s Spring Formal.

Few things please us as much as when we see students and tutors helping one another on a project or lending one another a device or article of clothing when it is needed, sometimes urgently. It reflects the Dunster House community at its best – assisting one another in ways large and small. Such acts show thoughtfulness, respect, and friendship.

At the same time, we are distressed by four things that have come to our attention that do not reflect Dunster at its best.

• The first is repeated reports of things that we all use going missing – such as the rope cable attachment in the gym, and the clips for one of the cables. These need to be returned – now. And that includes the piano bench in the middle music room.

• The second is the condition in many of the bathrooms that are used by students every day. No one deserves to enter a hallway bathroom and find a mess. It is not sanitary; it is not respectful; and it is not someone else’s responsibility to clean it up.

• The third is the removal of food from the dining hall that is then found on the floor in hallways as well as dishes and utensils that are not returned. This is not the way any of us would behave in our own home. It is not the pattern of behavior that earned any student admission to Harvard. It invites rodents and other creatures to join us. This too must stop.

• Finally, we have received repeated complaints from multiple sources regarding smoking within the confines of the House. The University’s policy on this matter is clear and unambiguous. Smoking of any substance is not permitted in rooms, or common spaces, or anywhere and will not be tolerated. Residence in the House is a privilege not a right. Enjoying living in our beautiful, renewed House is something reserved for those who will abide by the rules associated with this privilege. Enough said!

From the Office of the Interim Dean
Jennifer Hsiao

As all of you know, reading period officially begins on April 26th, so no parties are allowed starting on April 26th. The House tries to maintain an atmosphere of quiet and study during this time, so be sensitive to your neighbors in suites and public spaces. Along with parties, loud music and late night courtyard conversations (even at a regular volume) are also not allowed. Thanks for your cooperation with this!

Exam Problems
If you have two exams at the exact same time (this does not include two exams at different times
on the same day), or if you have an exam scheduled at a time which conflicts with a religious observance, contact the Exams Office, 5-1542, as soon as possible. The exams schedule is available on the registrar’s web page at

Jennifer’s Office Hours
Tuesday, April 25: 11 am-1 pm, by appointment
Wednesday, April 26: 5-7 pm, by appointment
Friday, May 28: 8:30 am-10:30 am, open

Please drop by for open office hours between the times that are indicated above. To sign up for an appointment please email My office is at E303H. If these times don’t work, email me at or call 5-2263 or for alternate times.

Tutor On-Call
The tutor on-call from April 24-May 1, is Jose Bengochea. He resides in Dunster E-408
and can be reached at 617-851-8419 in the event of an emergency.

Common Space use during Reading/Exam Period
As is the case each semester, the common rooms will remain open 24/7 during the reading and exam periods, with the exception of the music practice rooms, for which term-time hours will continue to apply. The common rooms are intended to be used as quiet study areas during this time, and will therefore not be available for course or student organization related reservations beginning next Thursday. Best of luck with your upcoming papers and exams!

Quote of the Week
Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. ~ David Bly

Prizes and Awards
The House Commencement Program will include your name, concentration, and honors. The program will be distributed to your family and friends just prior to the ceremonies at Dunster. As space permits, we list as many of your Harvard prizes and awards as we can. Because we rely almost exclusively on you for the information about your awards, please report any prizes and awards you have won during ALL your four years at Harvard. Please email me ( with that information.

Important Dates
April 26, Wednesday
Last day of spring term classes.

Students leaving the College after this date are charged full housing/room fees.

April 27, Thursday
Students leaving the College by this date are charged three quarters of tuition, and the Student Services Fee. After this date, students will be charged the full amount of those costs.

Last day in the spring term upon which undergraduates will ordinarily be granted a leave of absence from the College.

April 27, Thursday, through May 3, Wednesday

May 4, Thursday, through May 13, Saturday
See the Registrar’s website for exam times and locations for spring term courses.

Senior Dinner
May 9, 2017
Reception in the Courtyard Lounge 6:00 pm
Dinner in the Dining Hall at 6:30 pm
RSVP Required

May 14, Sunday
Non-graduates must vacate their rooms by noon.

May 25, Thursday
Harvard University Commencement.

May 26, Friday
Graduating seniors must vacate their rooms by 5 pm.

May 29, Monday
University holiday: Memorial Day.


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You may view the Mooseletter on the Dunster House Website:

Diana G. Hovsepian
Academic Coordinator
Dunster House, E303A
945 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02138

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