Mooseletter – January 22, 2018

Message from the Faculty Deans
Sean Kelly and Cheryl Chen

Dear Meese, Happy new year! We hope you all had a restorative winter break. While many of you were away, Dunster survived a “bombcyclone” with more than a foot of snow, and a flood on 5 East from a frozen sprinkler head! We are grateful to Lucia, Carlos, and their amazing crew, for expertly shepherding Dunster through these meteorological challenges! For students who were here over the break, we had several thesis study breaks, an aquarium trip, an outing to “Escape the Room”, a board game night, musical “show and tell” sessions, and a lot of pizza.
We have some fun activities coming up. This Tuesday evening at 8pm, we’ll have our first ice cream bash of the new year. Please come to the dining hall to make a sundae and reconnect with your fellow Meese. We are also planning an Argentinian weekend on January 27-28 with Tango lessons in the dining hall and a live Tango music concert in the library. And on February 18, we’ll have a snow-tubing outing to Nashoba Valley. Stay tuned for more information about these and other activities and events!
We wish you all a good shopping week, and look forward to seeing you in the Dining Hall

From the Office of the Resident Dean
Michael Uy

Dearest Meese, Happy New Year once again! I hope you’ve all moved back in successfully as well as “Checked In” on my.harvard. Good luck this shopping week and make sure that you fully register for your classes and submit that Crimson Cart by Friday. Even if you’re not 100% certain, you should submit the cart. You can still add and drop courses without a fee until February 5th. Also, please be in touch with me ASAP if you plan to cross register or if you are thinking of simultaneous enrollment (i.e. two classes at the same time). As I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, the rules for simultaneous enrollment are very strict – you can find them in the Handbook. That’s it for now! I hope everyone has an awesome start. Who knows what the weather will bring, but the days are slowly getting longer and that means more sun! Remember to wash your hands, eat fruits and vegetables, and crush it.

Michael’s Office Hours
Tuesday, January 23: 10-12 noon
Thursday, January 25: 2-4 pm
Friday, January 26: 2-4 pm

Please come by for open office hours between the times that are indicated above. To sign up for an appointment please email Diana at If these times don’t work with your schedule, please email Diana for alternate times. My office is at E303H.

Tutor On-Call
The tutor on-call from January 22 to 29, is Odeviz Soto who resides at Dunster West 212/214. In case of an emergency he can be reached at 617-851-8419.

Dunster Writing Tutor Support Session
Wednesday, Jan. 31st, 7:00-8:00 pm, Room E-105

Need help organizing your class paper? Stuck while brainstorming paper ideas? Want someone to look over drafts of a resume, application, or conference proposal? Come see Chance Bonar, Dunster’s writing tutor, for assistance and advice on any writing project you have!

Upcoming Workshops & Discussions at the BSC
Keeping Ourselves Accountable
Weekly meetings, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 24, 3:00-5:00 pm
Explore our common experiences and challenges with staying focused and getting our work done. Discuss strategies for staying on target. Bring your own work. To register, email

Returning to Harvard after Time Away
Friday, February 2, 12:00-1:00 pm
For Harvard College students. Discuss, strategize, and get support about coming back to Harvard after time away. No registration.

Post-Concussion Strategies and Coping Workshop
Friday, February 2, 1:00-2:00 pm
For students who experience academic, social, or other aftereffects of a concussion. No registration.

Reading Strategies
Friday, February 2, 2:30-4:00 pm
Learn to read strategically, effectively, and efficiently. A mini-version of the Harvard Course in Reading and Study Strategies. Register at

Study Skills for the Bilingual Mind
Monday, February 5, 12:30-2:00 pm
Explore cognitive processes of bilingualism and approaches to enhance the learning experience for bilingual students at Harvard. To register, email or

Harvard Course in Reading and Study Strategies
February 5 – 9, 2018, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
The Harvard Course in Reading and Study Strategies helps students read more purposefully and selectively with greater speed and comprehension. Topics include:

· reading with your eyes and your mind
· reading with a question
· understanding the structure of text
· overviewing and subvocalizing
· summarizing
· anticipating and intuiting
· remembering what you read
· zooming out: navigating longer texts
· zooming in: close reading
· reading with authority

Cost: Harvard College & GSAS Degree Candidates, $25 – Others, $150 Advance registration is required. Visit for registration and more information.

Important Dates
January 22, Monday
Spring term begins. First meeting of spring term classes.

January 26, Friday

Course registrations for all students (upperclassmen, freshmen, visiting undergraduates, and new transfer students) are due by 11:59 pm.

Students must submit enrollments for their minimum course load – typically 16 credits – on my.harvard by 11:59 pm. Students who do not submit enrollments by this time will be charged a fee.
After this date students must obtain permission from all instructors to enroll in courses.

January 26, Friday
Last day upon which undergraduates may check-in/register late for the spring term in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Last day upon which undergraduates may cancel their check-in/registration for the spring term without payment of tuition.

February 5, Monday
Last day upon which undergraduates may drop or add any course without a fee.

Makeup examinations for 2017-2018 fall term begin.

Deadline to submit a fall term Inter-House Transfer Application (Round 1).

Deadline to submit a Returning Student Housing Application for fall housing if you were not living in student housing during the fall term.

February 9, Friday
Last day upon which undergraduates may submit full-semester and Spring 1 cross-registration petitions. Note that some schools have earlier deadlines; check with the relevant school.

February 19, Monday
University holiday: Presidents’ Day.

February 20, Tuesday

Because of the University holiday, the Fifth Monday deadline will be Tuesday, February 20.
Last day upon which a full-semester or Spring 1 course may be dropped from or added to a student’s record. No course may be changed from letter-graded to Pass/Fail or from Pass/Fail to letter-graded status for the spring term after this date.
Last day upon which students may petition to divide a year-long indivisible course with approval.

February 23, Friday, through February 24, Saturday
Junior Family Weekend.

February 26, Monday
Students leaving the College by this date are charged one quarter of tuition and the Student Services Fee. After this date, students will be charged one half of those costs.

March 1, Thursday
Applications for degree credit for study out of residence for the fall term are due at the Office of International Education.

March 5, Monday
Last day upon which students may withdraw from a spring term course. Last day upon which students may withdraw from a year-long course. A notation of WD will be permanently recorded on the transcript. After this date students are responsible for all courses in which they are enrolled.

March 10, Saturday, through March 18, Sunday
Spring recess.

March 26, Monday
Final degree applications for May 2018 Degree Candidates due.

Last day to change concentration without Administrative Board approval for May 2018 and November 2018 Degree Candidates.

Last day upon which May 2018 and November 2018 degree candidates may submit an approved foreign language citation study plan to the Office of the Registrar.

Advanced Standing-eligible students planning to graduate after six or seven terms in May 2019 or November 2019, or to begin a fourth year AM program in fall term 2018, must file the Advanced Standing Activation Form by this date.

Last day upon which May 2018 and November 2018 Degree Candidates may submit an approved petition for a secondary field to the Office of the Registrar.

March 26, Monday
Students leaving the College by this date are charged one half of tuition and the Student Services Fee. After this date, students will be charged three quarters of those costs.

April 1, Sunday
Applications for degree credit for study out of residence for the summer are due at the Office of International Education.

April 11, Wednesday
Declaration of Concentration due for out-of-phase members of the Class of 2020.

April 25, Wednesday
Last day of spring term classes.

April 26, Thursday
Students leaving the College by this date are charged three quarters of tuition, and the Student Services Fee. After this date, students will be charged the full amount of those costs.

Last day in the spring term upon which undergraduates will ordinarily be granted a leave of absence from the College.

Students leaving the College after this date are charged full housing/room fees.

April 26, Thursday, through May 2, Wednesday

May 3, Thursday, through May 12, Saturday
See the Registrar’s website for exam times and locations for spring term courses

May 11, Friday
Deadline to submit a fall term Inter-House Transfer Application (Round 2).

Deadline to submit a Housing Contract Cancellation form for the fall term without financial penalty.

May 13, Sunday
Non-graduates must vacate their rooms by noon.

May 24, Thursday
Harvard University Commencement.

May 25, Friday
Graduating seniors must vacate their rooms by 5 pm.

May 28, Monday
University holiday: Memorial Day
Please email submissions to Diana at by Thursday at 5:00 pm for Monday publication.

Diana G. Hovsepian
Dunster House Academic Coordinator
Harvard College
945 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02138

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