Mooseletter – January 27, 2020

Message from the Faculty Deans – Sean Kelly and Cheryl Chen
Welcome Back Dunster Meese!

We hope your winter break was relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether you spent it on the ski slopes or the beaches, at your parents’ house or here at Dunster, we are delighted to welcome you back for the first semester of the new decade! Perhaps you have been following the dust and rain at the Australian Open or the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, the Iowa Caucuses or the Impeachment hearings. However you’ve been spending your time, we look forward to hearing about your passions and pastimes, and to joining you again in our magnificent Dunster Dining Hall. We hope you will join us for a Welcome Back Gathering in the D-Hall on Wednesday night, with a Strawberry Shortcake Bar and Hot Chocolate, and that you will tell us about all the fascinating things that have been on your mind. In the meantime, enjoy Shopping Week, and Welcome Back!!!

Warmest Wishes,
Sean and Cheryl

Message from the Resident Dean – Michael Uy
Dearest Meece, WELCOME BACK! I hope you all had a restful and restorative winter holiday. I went home to California to visit my parents, then went to an even warmer destination between the first and second Ad Board meetings. I’m excited to see you back in Dunster and to have the dining hall filled again with laughter and joy. I’d love to hear what you were up to during the break. Good luck this shopping week and make sure that you fully register for your classes and submit them in your Crimson Cart by Friday, the course registration deadline. Today is also my first day of my course, “From Bach to Beyoncé” so please wish me strength . You can still add and drop courses without a fee until February 10th. By the way, there is a new Gen Ed lottery system. Be in touch with me ASAP if you are thinking of simultaneous enrollment (i.e. two classes at the same time). As I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, the rules for simultaneous enrollment are very strict – you can find them in the Handbook. Best wishes to the start again of the IM season – I’ve read about Basketball and Broomball and Squash. (Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant <3) Remember to wash your hands (the water temperature and pressure are just right now!), eat fruits and vegetables, and exercise! Michael’s Office Hours
Tuesday, 1/28: 10:30-12 noon
Thursday, 1/30: 2-4pm
Friday, 1/31: 2-4 pm

Please feel free to come by to see me during open office hours indicated above. If you wish to make an appointment with me, please email Diana at Our offices are at E303H.

Tutor On-Call
The tutor on-call from January 27 to February 3 is Deborah Palmer. She can be reached at
617-851-8419 in the event of an emergency.

Faculty Deans’ Welcome Back Gathering
Strawberry shortcake and hot chocolate will be served- don’t miss it!
Wednesday, January 29, 8:30 pm, D-Hall

Reservation Reminders
Back from Break and need to book a room for a student org meeting? Visit Moosetime, the Dunster room reservations system. Be sure to read the reservation guidelines carefully and submit requests early so we have time to review and approve them for you! In order to view the scheduler, you’ll need to sign into the Dunster website. Don’t have an account? Visit this webpage and click the “lost your password” button to set your password. You can then create an account using your college email address. If you’re still having trouble accessing the scheduler after logging in and reviewing the rules, just click the “try this link” button halfway down the scheduling page!

Fall 2020 Medical Housing Accommodation Requests
If you think you may need medical housing accommodations beginning in the fall 2020 term, please reach out to the Accessible Education Office by emailing to discuss the registration process. General information regarding both the process and required documentation is available at

If you think this may apply to you, reach out to the AEO and begin the registration process early, so the House office can work with you prior to the start of the Housing lottery to discuss options for the following year.

Students of Color Support Group
This group will give space for students of color and difference. It is an opportunity to foster conversations about adjustment to life at Harvard, regarding race, resilience, relationships, education, identity, and wellness. Student will also share stories of their truth and courage. We will reflect on writings from different authors who emphasize themes of self-love, belonging and wholeness. This group is for Harvard Graduate and Undergraduate students of color: Tuesdays, February 4 – May 5, 5-6:30 pm in the basement of Memorial Church, Room G012. If you have any questions, please contact Carmen Cruz, LICSW

Academic Resource Center Workshops
1414 Mass Ave, Floor 3R (

February 4, 9-11am
Dissertation Writers Accountability Group (repeats every week every until Mar 10).

February 7, 2-4 pm
Welcome to the ARC: Setting yourself up for Success Open House

February 10, 10-11:30 am
Harvard College Power Hour (repeats every Monday until March 9, except 2/17)

For entire events calendar visit:

Academic Calendar
Spring term begins. First meeting of spring term classes.

Spring Online Check-in Deadline

FAS Course Registration Opens – to allow enrolling in courses

Spring Full Term – Course Registration for all students due.

Spring Full Term – After this date students must obtain permission from all instructors to enroll in courses.

Spring Full Term – Students must submit enrollments for their minimum course load – typically 16 credits. Students who do not submit enrollments by this time will be charged a fee.

Last day upon which undergraduates may check-in/register late for the spring term in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Spring Session 1 – Course Registration Deadline

Spring Full Term – Last day upon which undergraduates may drop or add any course without a fee.

Make-Up Examinations for Fall Term

Spring Session 1 – Add/Drop Deadline – no fees

Spring Session 1 – Course Withdraw Deadline – no fees

Spring Full Term – Last day upon which a course may be dropped from or added to a student’s record.

No course may be changed from letter-graded to Pass/Fail or from Pass/Fail to letter graded status for the spring term after this date.

Last day upon which students may petition to divide a year-long indivisible course with approval.

Spring Full Term – Last day upon which students may withdraw from a spring term course.

Last day upon which students may withdraw from a year-long course.

Spring Session 1 Ends

Spring Recess begins

Last Day of Spring Recess

Spring Session 2 Starts

Spring Session 2 – Course Registration Deadline

Spring Session 2 – Add/Drop Deadline – no fees

Final degree applications for May degree candidates due.

Last day to change concentration without Administrative Board approval for May and next November degree Candidates.

Last day upon which May and next November degree candidates may submit an approved foreign language citation study plan to the Office of the Registrar.

Last day upon which May and next November Degree Candidates may submit an approved petition for a secondary field to the Office of the Registrar.

Spring Session 2 – Course Withdraw Deadline – no fees

Declaration of Concentration due for off-cycle students expected to declare in spring.

Lady Day of Spring Full Term Classes

Spring Session 2 Ends

Last day in the spring term upon which undergraduates will ordinarily be granted a leave of absence from the College.

Reading begins
Final Examination Period begins

Final Examination Period ends

Please email submission to Diana at by 5pm Thursdays for Monday publication.
Diana G. Hovsepian
Dunster House Academic Coordinator
Harvard College
945 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Hi everyone, my name is Diana Hovsepian and I am the academic coordinator in Dunster House. I have been working here since 2009: helping with your academic questions and issues, managing student records, organizing and helping with House events and Commencement. I also am here to aid you in coordinating your medical school application process and getting your recommendations in order, so please visit me if you have any questions. I also serve as a sophomore academic adviser in the House. Every Monday, I publish the Mooseletter in the dining hall and in your inboxes with news from our offices, which include academic deadlines, upcoming House events, and information from the Registrar’s office. If you find that you have any questions about academics, need to get in contact with the Resident Dean or just want to chat, please email me or stop by my office at E303A! When I am not in Dunster, I am spending time with my husband, our children, and our Boston Terrier in Bedford, MA. I love traveling, reading, watching movies, and I am always on the lookout for recommendations if you have any. Let’s have another great year in Dunster!