Mooseletter – March 23, 2020

From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael, Uy
Dear Meese, I pray that you are all safe and healthy at the beginning of this week. I know the unexpected move out, coupled with the transition to online learning and acknowledging the end to your time on campus for the academic year was (and continues to be) a tremendously difficult challenge. I counted that in the two days after the Harvard announcement, I met with over 150 of you individually, not to mention the hundreds of emails that we exchanged. I know that some of you still face many struggles, whether it is housing or food insecurity, troubles with connecting to the internet, medical concerns, or loneliness. As we navigate these problems day-by-day, reach out to and try to help one another, as well as those in your local community. We’ll get through this global crisis when we remember that we’re in this together and that we’re all sacrificing some of our time, energy, and resources for the greater good. Of course, we at Dunster are still here to help – and I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful initiatives like the story-telling project and Ziggy IG come to fruition! Send us your ideas as well!

On to some of the academic stuff… I’m sure on everyone’s mind is the grading system that Harvard will eventually adopt for the remainder of the semester. I’m on email chains that exchange at least several dozen messages a day. I honestly don’t know where we’ll land. I think until there is greater clarity, it doesn’t make sense for you to be making substantive decisions regarding your transcripts and academic record. I know the uncertainty raises anxiety because you don’t know how to apportion your time this week, but I would try and keep up with classes to the extent that you can, knowing that at the minimum, there will be individual choice regarding dropping courses or switching to Pass/Fail.

Diana will soon be sending out a Google Form for changing the grading option (P/F à LG or LG à P/F), and dropping a course. You can fill out the form, but please note that we will not process the forms until April 1st at the earliest, especially given the uncertainties with the College’s grading system. The Educational Policy Committee is meeting this week to determine the different options of Sat/Unsat, Double A, individual choice, etc. It doesn’t make sense for us to change any of your classes at this time, nor, honestly, does it make sense for you to be deciding any changes with incomplete information.

I’ll continue to hold “office hours” via Zoom. Absolutely, it will be lovely to see your beautiful faces, or at least, hear your sonorous voices. Please be in touch with Diana about scheduling times – in addition, we’re trying to figure out how to set up my normal hours where you can drop in with an access code (and queue up in a “waiting room”).

You’re all in my thoughts! There’s no way I could sign off on a Mooseletter without encouraging you to eat healthy, drink water, exercise, sleep, and wash your hands <3 Dunster Love.

Michael’s Office Hours
Tuesday, March 24: 10:30-12 noon
Thursday, March 26: 3-5 pm
Friday, March 27: 2-4 pm

If the times above work with your schedule, please login below.

If you wish to make an appointment for an alternate time, please email Diana and she will schedule a meeting via zoon.

Updates from Meese from Everywhere
As Sean mentioned in his email communications to you, we are very excited to put together a NEW section in the Mooseletter with updates from you on how you all are doing! If you’d like to contribute, either individually or as a blocking group, please email and we’ll be happy to share what you’re up to with the Dunster community!

Revised Process to Drop Courses or Change Grading Status
The deadline to drop courses has been reopened to April 13 (no extension for adding courses).

The deadline to change grading status from letter graded to Pass/ Fail or Pass/Fail to letter graded has been reopened to April 13.

Previous course withdrawals from this semester will be automatically converted to a course drop.

There will not be a withdrawal period after April 13 as the extended drop deadline is past the standard withdrawal deadline.

If you wish to Drop a Course or Change your Grading Status please fill out this form

Update Regarding Seated Final Exams
As we transition to online learning for the remainder of spring term, seated final exams will not take place. Your individual instructor will provide information about a revised form of final assessment for your course. If you have any questions about final assessment for your course, please contact your professor. Students cross-registered at a professional school or at MIT will need to work with their faculty member to ensure completion of courses.

May 2020 Degree Application is Open
The May 2020 degree application is now open. The deadline to apply to graduate, add a foreign language citation, or make changes to a secondary field or concentration, is Monday, April 1. Please log into my.harvard and click the “Apply to Graduate” button on your “My Program” tab. Be sure to make any necessary changes to your concentration or secondary field before applying to graduate, because you can no longer make these changes once you’ve applied.

Academic Resource Center – Remote Learning Recourses
Here are the first series of workshops the ARC. All services are available over zoom and/or phone.

Links to Services
The ARC offers Academic Coaching to support students as they adjust to learning remotely, many workshops (see list below) and tutoring.

Playing Around with Zoom: Nervous about using Zoom for the first time? Come explore its features with an experienced Zoom instructor in a low-stakes environment.

Reassigned: Figuring Out Your New Schedule: So much has changed over the past few weeks that keeping track of it all can be dizzying. In this workshop, we’ll start by developing a birds-eye view calendar of the rest of your semester, including all of the changes to due dates and assignments that have been announced over email and Canvas.

Connect, Process, Reflect power hour: Are you looking to connect with your peers and wrap your head around the rest of the semester? Come to an ARC power hour! In these sessions, participants will have the chance to meet up with other Harvard students, take account of what has changed over the past few weeks, and develop a plan for moving forward.

Having trouble motivating? Come to an ARC power hour: In these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to meet up with other Harvard students and lean on one another to overcome the urge to procrastinate. An ARC coach will guide you through the process of setting a goal for the hour, working in a focused way on that goal, and then reflecting on how to move on to the next step. You don’t need to do this alone!

Important Dates

Spring Session 2 Starts

Spring Session 2 – Course Registration Deadline

Final degree applications for May 2020 degree candidates due.

Last day to change concentration without Administrative Board approval for May and next November degree Candidates.

Last day May and next November degree candidates may submit an approved foreign language citation study plan to the RO.

Last day May and next November Degree Candidates may submit an approved petition for a secondary field to the RO.

Advanced standing activation deadline for those graduating in May or November 2021, or starting a fall AM program.

April 13, MONDAY
New deadline to drop courses, change grading status.

Lady Day of Spring Full Term Classes

Last day in the spring term upon which undergraduates will ordinarily be granted a leave of absence from the College.

Reading period begins

Final Examination Period begins

Final Examination Period ends

Please email your submissions to Diana at by 5 pm on Thursdays for Monday publications!


Diana G. Hovsepian
Dunster House Academic Coordinator
Harvard College

945 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA 02138




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