Mooseletter – March 5, 2018

From the Office of the Resident Dean – Michael UY
Hiya Meese, I hope you’re all living your best lives. Aren’t we all just about ready for Spring Break?! I know I am, but I also know that I scheduled a midterm for my students in Music 1 on Wednesday, so I imagine that many of you are also in the midst of such tests. Good effort, good luck, and stay strong. Remember my advice last week about being aware of Harvard’s Honor Code and knowing that there are resources here to help you. Please note that today is the last day to withdraw from a course. Thursday is also a magical day as we welcome our newest baby meese. As you’re storming the yard and building up enthusiasm among the freshmen, please keep your chants and cheers positive about Dunster, rather than disparaging against other houses. And please refer to Cheryl and Sean’s email regarding gate and security on Housing Day Eve, although it looks like we’re gonna get quite a bit of rain/snow. As your last message before Spring Break, I hope everyone has a restful and restorative week!

Today is the last day upon which you may WITHDRAW from a class. Withdrawing from a class in which you are having exceeding difficulty is preferable to sticking with it just because you want to stick with it. As long as you do not need it to graduate (be careful, seniors!), you may withdraw from it. If you wish to withdraw from a course, go to the Registrar’s website at, look under Forms/Petitions. Please print the form, fill it out, get the appropriate signatures, and bring it to the registrar’s office.

Thesis Writers
Congrats to those of you who have turned in your theses and good luck to those of you entering the final stretches! You can do it! If you need an extra dose of support, make sure to turn to your tutors and myself, as well as your thesis advisor and resources like the Writing Center. Best of luck!

Seniors and Requirements
Seniors, double-check again your course report to make sure that you are enrolled in all of the right classes. We want you to graduate!

Planning to take part (WALK) in Commencement Activities?
November 2017 and March 2018 degree candidates who would like to “walk” in this May’s Commencement activities should contact Diana ( ASAP.

Michael’s Office Hours
Tuesday, March 6: 10-12 noon
Thursday, March 8: 2-4 pm
Friday, March 9: 2-4 pm

Please feel free to come by for open office hours between the times that are indicated above. To sign up for an appointment please email Diana at If these times don’t work with your schedule, please email Diana for alternate times. My office is at E303H.

Tutor On-Call
The tutor on-call from March 5-12, is Gregory Davis, who resides in DeWolfe 10-65 and can be reached at 617-851-8419 in the event of an emergency.

Spring 2018 Dunster Faculty-Student Dinner (Registration Required)
Wednesday, March 28th
Courtyard Lounge Reception 5:30-6:00 pm
Dinner in Dining Hall 6:00 pm
Registration Deadline: Monday, March 19th at midnight

~Only one person, the group leader should complete the registration form
~Space is limited, and seats are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis
~1 Professor/TF per group
~Ask professor whether others have invited them before registering. If so, coordinate a small group
~As space is limited, we’re unfortunately unable to offer seats to non-Dunster students or freshmen

Humans of Dunster – Isa Colocci

Mid-Back Grumbler
Isa Stewart Colocci, like the House of Stuart before her, sits on the Scottish Stone of Destiny, in the East Lothian of Dunster House. When she doesn’t live in Dunster she takes up her position in her family’s official residence of Earl’s Court, London. How regal. Her father is a divine chef and an Italian: imagine the smell of the Colocci family kitchen, a freshly prepared espresso on the chunky wooden counter, alongside a set of dry vermouths and a cut of lean pork ready to ground and stir into a deeply rich ragu. If you say that ragu should be made with another type of meat, we’ve got beef.

Isa Stewart is nothing if not an athlete. She is the “mid-back” of the Dunster house broomball team. If you were to look it up, you’d find this entry: “mid-back: pulled in many directions and has to make many choices on a broomball team consisting of six players”. Fair to say that Isa, as coveted member of the Dunster “Fantastic Four” Broomball Team™, has more on her mind when on the ice than Donald Trump at a coloring book convention.

Speaking of dense orange puddings, Stewart loves the perennial classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange (congratulations Theresa Byrne on her thesis submission). She is as shocked as any Brit at the proverbial slap to the face Toblerone has dealt the UK since Brexit, increasing the spacing between the chocolate-nougat triangles by about 300%, and ending our ability to grumble about how “difficult it is to break off a section, so I’ve just nabbed two pieces”. Fun fact: Britain’s now has more snow than the USA because of Theresa May’s icy, sardonic breaths. She’s exhaling longer than ever, enjoying each vacuous drip of joy-quenching respiration before she’s shafted in between her shoulder-blades by one of her oily magistrates.

Last but not least, Stew is an avid frisbee player. Here’s an idea to ponder: imagine playing frisbee with a weighted plate. What would that be like? Discuss.

If you want to be the next Human of Dunster, let me know. You’ll just have to figure out who I am.

Crossroads Series Call for Proposals
On behalf of our colleagues in Harvard Common Spaces please find in the link below, a Request For Proposals for a new event series called “Crossroads” at the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center. The goal is to generate ideas for students, faculty, and staff for programs to populate the new center in the fall. This is for student, faculty, and staff program proposals for Wednesday and Thursday nights in the large Harvard Commons space. Here is the link to the proposal: Please contact Julie Crites at for more information.

A Roundtable and Fireside Chat on the state of the State Department
March 7, 2018
5-6pm Roundtable, Adams House Upper Common Room. RSVP here.
7-8pm Fireside Chat, FDR Suite at Adams. Off the record. RSVP here.

Michelle Kosinski is CNN’s senior diplomatic correspondent responsible for covering the State Department. Previously, Kosinski served as the network’s White House correspondent during the Obama administration. She joined the network in 2014 and contributes to all CNN programs and platforms. Kosinski is based in the Washington, D.C. bureau.

Important Dates
March 5, Monday
Last day upon which students may withdraw from a spring term course. Last day upon which students may withdraw from a year-long course. A notation of WD will be permanently recorded on the transcript. After this date students are responsible for all courses in which they are enrolled.

March 8, Thursday
Housing Day

March 10, Saturday, through March 18, Sunday
Spring recess.
March 26, Monday
Final degree applications for May 2018 Degree Candidates due.

Last day to change concentration without Administrative Board approval for May 2018 and November 2018 Degree Candidates.

Last day upon which May 2018 and November 2018 degree candidates may submit an approved foreign language citation study plan to the Office of the Registrar.

Advanced Standing-eligible students planning to graduate after six or seven terms in May 2019 or November 2019, or to begin a fourth year AM program in fall term 2018, must file the Advanced Standing Activation Form by this date.

Last day upon which May 2018 and November 2018 Degree Candidates may submit an approved petition for a secondary field to the Office of the Registrar.
March 26, Monday
Students leaving the College by this date are charged one half of tuition and the Student Services Fee. After this date, students will be charged three quarters of those costs.

April 1, Sunday
Applications for degree credit for study out of residence for the summer are due at the Office of International Education.

April 11, Wednesday
Declaration of Concentration due for out-of-phase members of the Class of 2020.

April 25, Wednesday
Last day of spring term classes.

April 26, Thursday
Students leaving the College by this date are charged three quarters of tuition, and the Student Services Fee. After this date, students will be charged the full amount of those costs.

Last day in the spring term upon which undergraduates will ordinarily be granted a leave of absence from the College.

Students leaving the College after this date are charged full housing/room fees.

April 26, Thursday, through May 2, Wednesday
May 3, Thursday, through May 12, Saturday
See the Registrar’s website for exam times and locations for spring term courses

May 11, Friday
Deadline to submit a fall term Inter-House Transfer Application (Round 2).

Deadline to submit a Housing Contract Cancellation form for the fall term without financial penalty.

May 13, Sunday
Non-graduates must vacate their rooms by noon.

May 24, Thursday
Harvard University Commencement.

May 25, Friday
Graduating seniors must vacate their rooms by 5 pm.

May 28, Monday
University holiday: Memorial Day
Please email submissions to Diana at by Thursday at 5:00 pm for Monday publication
Diana G. Hovsepian
Dunster House Academic Coordinator
Harvard College
945 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02138

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