Resident Tutors

Jordan_AndersonJordan Anderson, Tutor in Medicine and Fellowships

Email: jordan_anderson [at]

Hi, I’m really excited about joining the Dunster community this year. I’m a third year med student at HMS with interests in health policy and population health. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia, and attended Auburn University for undergrad (War Eagle!). In college I spent a lot of time training and competing for the swim team, but I also studied biomedical sciences. In between college and med school, I studied medical anthropology at Oxford University and worked for a start-up healthcare company in Nashville. After two years in Nashville we left the country music and warm climate, but we love our new Boston home! Although I don’t swim very much anymore, I can usually be found working out, playing the banjo, or eating my wife’s amazing chocolate chip cookies. Katie and I are looking forward to meeting you all this year.

Katie_AndersonKatie Anderson, Tutor in Medicine

Email: kathrynanderson[at]

Hi y’all! I am really pumped to be a second year tutor at Dunster this year. I am originally from Nashville and graduated from Auburn University in 2010 with a B.S. in Biomedical Science (WAR EAGLE!). I met Jordan during college and we moved to England two weeks after getting married. Jordan and I lived in Oxford for two years where I worked for the Rhodes Trust in the Development office. After we got our fair share of tea and rain, we moved back to Nashville where I attended Physician Assistant school. I now work as a PA in surgical breast oncology. Besides medicine, I also love running, making salsa and exploring Boston and the New England region. I look forward to getting to know each of you!

Marino_Auffant Marino Auffant, Tutor in Languages, History, Music, and Public Service

Email: mauffant[at]

Hello everyone! My name is Marino and I am thrilled to join Dunster as a History and International resident tutor. I am originally from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, and was a History concentrator at Harvard – as well as a proud Dunster resident! As an undergrad, I spent quite a bit of time learning languages such as Russian, Arabic and Persian, and spending summers in Moscow, Seoul and Istanbul. Upon graduation, I worked for the Dominican government, and went on for my Masters in Public Administration in France’s Ecole Nationale d’Administration. I then worked in strategy consulting in Paris for a couple of years – doing all kinds of sectors such as energy, public services, private equity, automotive and financial services. After this corporate detour, I am thrilled to come back to Harvard and Dunster for my PhD in History! I look forward to meeting you all, and to all the great conversations to come!

Jose_BengocheaJose Bengochea, Tutor in Law

Email: Jbengochea [at]

Welcome to the crown jewel of Harvard, Dunster House! My name is Jose Bengochea, Harvard Class of 2013 and former resident of Adams House. As an undergraduate, I made my own degree, securing a concentration in ‘Comparative Imperial History’ with a secondary in archaeology. Since then, I went straight into the JD-MBA program where I am now entering my 4th and final year. This will also mark my 3rd year as a Dunster tutor where I specialize in pre-law, especially guiding prospective JDP candidates through the process, and in advising those considering the pursuit of the joint JD-MBA degree. Outside of academics, I am a huge basketball fan and film aficionado. I also love rowing and hitting the gym. I look forward to meeting all of you soon!

Andrew_ChaelAndrew Chael, Tutor in Physics, Fellowships, and BGLTQ

Email: achael [at]

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be returning to Dunster this year as a Tutor in Physics, BGLTQ, and Fellowships. I’m originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I was an undergrad at Carleton College, where I majored in Physics and Astronomy with a secondary field in Medieval Studies. I came to Harvard as a graduate student in Physics in 2013. My current research involves simulation of supermassive black hole accretion disks and comparisons to direct observations with the black hole in the center of the galaxy. I’m also passionate about cosmology, architecture, the history and philosophy of science, and BGLTQ representation in the STEM fields. When I’m not working, I spend my free time playing the French horn with the Dudley House Orchestra, baking extravagant desserts, skiing, listening to podcasts on long runs, collecting LPs, and making tea. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

Stephanie_CharlesStephanie Charles, Tutor in Law and Race Relations

Email: scharles[at]

Hi Dunsterites! I’m delighted to join you this year as a pre-law tutor. My name is Stephanie, I’m from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and I’m 2L at HLS. I graduated in 2014 from Harvard College where I had the pleasure of living in Dunster, the best house on campus. As an undergrad, I grew curious about the history of AIDS treatment and antiretroviral drug manufacturing in Brazil, and its intersections with intellectual property and international trade law. This led me to pursue a joint concentration in History and Science / Government. Post-graduation, this also led me to São Paulo, Brazil where I worked for a year as a Post-Graduate Fellow in the Brazil Office of Harvard University’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Here at HLS, I’m interested in international law, trade, and development. I’m involved with the Harvard International Law Journal, and work as a student attorney with the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. If you’d like to chat about anything life-related (so anything and everything), please don’t hesitate to reach out – Dhall conversations remain one of my favorite activities. I also enjoy playing tennis, dancing hip-hop, and talking/learning about what lawyers do. I look forward to getting to know you!

Brian_Claus Brian Claus, Tutor in Physics, Education, and Wellness

Email: bclaus[1012][at]

Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m excited to be joining Dunster this year. I’m a lifelong Massachusetts native (Mansfield, MA). I graduated Harvard College in 2014 and now I teach High School Physics and Astronomy at Carver Middle High School. If you’re curious about working in schools I would be happy to talk with you about the options available for teacher education and licensure. In my free time I really enjoy amateur astronomy and camping. I’m a huge fan of any type of Sci-Fi and board-games. Cara and I have a growing collection of games and are looking forward to playing them with you! We’re both really excited to meet all of you!

Cara WeismanCara Weisman, Tutor in Physics, Biology, and Wellness

Email: weisman [at]

Hi, I’m Cara! I’m from sunny Houston, Texas. I moved to Cambridge for undergrad, where I was an MCB concentrator with a secondary in Philosophy in the Harvard class of 2014. I stayed at Harvard to join the Biophysics PhD program; I’m entering my third year, and my research interests lie broadly in the molecular mechanisms of evolution. I spend my downtime reading and watching sci fi and playing Pokémon. I’m especially eager to provide support for and discussion about gender equality and issues in the sciences, science education, and Harvard’s Gen Ed program, so if you’re interested in or even mildly curious about any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Brian and I are incredibly excited to be joining the Dunster community and look forward to meeting all of you!

Gregory_DavisGregory Davis, Tutor in BGLTQ and Race Relations

Email: gdavis [at]

Hi Dunster! I am a second-year Tutor for BGLTQ and Race Relations. I am originally from Detroit, MI, and went to Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA for undergrad. There I studied psychology before going to law school at UCLA. Here at Harvard, I am a Ph.D. student in African American Studies. I study academic admissions and institutional decision making, so I guarantee that we have something to talk about! When I’m not working, I’m talking about politics, television, or just exploring the Boston area. I look forward to a great and productive school year, with some fun and important conversations along the way.

Jennifer_HsiaoJennifer Hsiao in Biology and Music

Email: hsiao [at]

Hi Dunster! I’m delighted to be joining you this year as a resident Tutor in biology, music, and public service. I grew up in Connecticut and did my undergrad at Princeton in chemistry. I did a masters at Yale in music performance (violin) and I am now studying melanoma in the Fisher lab for my PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. In my free time, I love to travel, play music (I play classical violin, piano, and organ), and try my hand at new hobbies and activities. Please feel free to come chat to me about anything biology related or otherwise, and let me know if you have ideas for concerts or anything else music-related. I’m so excited to get to know you all and can’t wait to make music with you!

Greg_LeyaGregory Leya, Tutor in Medicine and Intramurals

Email: gregory_leya [at]

Hey Dunster! It’s a privilege to be returning this year as one of your pre-med tutors. I graduated from Dunster in 2012 and am currently an MD/MBA student (doing my second year at HBS after having finished 3+ years at HMS). As an undergrad, I concentrated in MCB with a secondary in Econ. My academic interests include the intersection of medicine and business, surgery, and basic science research. Outside of academics, I play tennis, ski, and run, but will take any excuse/sport to get outside. Looking forward to a great year ahead! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Ridge_PrillamanRidge Prillaman, Tutor in Business and Public Service

Email: walter.prillaman [at]

Howdy! I’m excited to be a returning tutor in Dunster this year and look forward to meeting everyone. I graduated from Texas A&M in 2012 with a B.S. and M.S. in Accounting and moved to Boston shortly thereafter. Currently, I am a C.P.A. working as a Financial Statement auditor for one of the big four accounting firms and enjoy sharing my knowledge of accounting and business with anyone with an open ear. In my spare time I love watching cartoons, fixing things, and meeting new people. Please don’t hesitate to say hi.

Soledad_PrillamanSoledad Prillaman, Tutor in Government and SASH

Email: soledadartiz [at]

Hi, Dunster! I am very excited to be returning to Dunster House this fall as the Government Tutor and one of the SASH Tutors! I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2011 and immediately came to Harvard as a Ph.D. student in the Gov department, where I study women’s political behavior in India. I am originally from Houston and am a very proud Texan (I even have the cowboy boots to prove it). In my spare time I love to experiment in the kitchen, particularly with baked goods. I am also an avid crafter, curious traveler, and (shower) singer. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you!

Nihar_ShahNihar Shah, Tutor in Economics and Business

Email: nshah [at]

Hey Dunster! I look forward to meeting you this year. While I am originally from San Jose, I have been in Cambridge since 2007: four years as an undergraduate at Harvard (AB Econ/AM Stats, with a secondary in CS) and a further five years as a PhD student in Economics at Harvard. In between, I worked at a hedge fund for a year, trading equity options; and at a data science fellowship, applying machine learning to high school counseling. Outside of academics, I enjoy documentaries and books that your grandfather might also like: on nature and on World War II history. I also love to ski, even if I was a bit spoiled on the Tahoe slopes growing up. Whether in Dunster courtyard or the Littauer basement, say hello!

Rob_SinnottRob Sinnott, Tutor in Business

Email: rob.sinnott+DHouse [at]

Hi Dunster! While not a native Moose (my mail went to PfoHo), there are a few who would be fooled as I was spotted roaming the halls of Dunster on more than a few occasions throughout the years, visiting my girlfriend (now wife!), Anna Marie. I graduated in 2009 (AB/AM in Statistics) and have been working in Kendall Square at a quantitative hedge fund since then. I’m thrilled to be returning to Dunster as a resident tutor and happy to help with anything from statistics to finance/economics to computer science to math to business/recruiting. Looking forward to meeting you all (and hopefully helping you guys win the Straus Cup this year!). I’m also the guy in charge of this website, so if something is amiss, please let me know!

Erica_SotoErica Brown Soto, Tutor in Languages, Literature, and Intramurals

Email: erica.anne.soto [at]

Hi Meese! I’m a returning tutor and excited to spend another year in Dunster House! I serve as an Intramurals Tutor and also as a Tutor in Languages and Literature. During my time at Harvard, I lived in Leverett and studied Slavic Languages and Literatures. After graduation, I taught English at a university in Ukraine, which allowed me to indulge my love of food, travel and languages, before returning and earning an EdM at Boston University in International Educational Development. Since finishing that degree, I’ve worked in development, campus ministry, alumni affairs, and as a teaching fellow at Harvard. I am currently in a PhD program at Boston College in Higher Education, where I hold assistantships in student services and organizational research; my dissertation research thus far has focused on theories of masculinity in military higher education settings. I also joined the faculty there as an adjunct professor last year and teach an undergraduate course on leadership and organizational theory. In my spare time, I enjoy baking and cooking, reading, running, taking German classes downtown, participating in IMs, and playing with our two little ones (Felix and Bruno). We live in W214 and spend a lot of time hanging out in the dining hall and courtyard, and we hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

Odeviz_SotoOdeviz Soto, Tutor in Religion, Sophomore Advising Coordinator, and Senior Tutor

Email: ods125 [at]

Welcome to the best house on campus! I am extremely excited to be returning for another year in Dunster as the Senior Tutor, Sophomore Advising Coordinator, and Tutor in Religion. A graduate of Dunster in 2007, I studied History and had some amazing formative years while here, so it is a distinct joy to return to my alma mater as a resident tutor. After commencement, I taught in Salzburg, Austria for a year before returning to receive a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School. I have previously worked as an Admissions Officer at Harvard Divinity School and I am currently the Assistant Director for Summer Funding at the College’s Office of Career Services. My personal and academic interests include higher education, comparative religion, colonial/postcolonial history, and languages. Outside of work and school, I enjoy sports (especially baseball), music, dancing, good food, and travel. I am always looking for a good conversation, so say ‘hello’ in the dining hall so you can meet me, my wife, Erica, and our two kids (Felix and Bruno). I look forward to meeting all of you!

Jeff_StoutJeff Stout, Tutor in History, Science, and Fellowships

Email: jeffrey_stout [at]

Hi Dunster. Bekah and I are looking forward to being your fellowships tutors this year. After earning a BS in physics, I wanted to better understand how science became such a powerful force in our society, so I went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship to study the history of science. It was great to live abroad with Bekah for three years. A few years later, I am now a PhD student in the joint Harvard and MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) program studying neuroimaging. The thread running through my life, whether working in science or the humanities has been a desire to have enriching conversations and to continue learning. If you want to have a conversation about anything science, philosophy, teaching or fellowships related let’s have dinner. If you are thinking about changing your academic interest I have gone through this too, and would be happy to talk. I am a skier, angler, potter, technophile, and I fix my own car. Let’s have a great year!

Bekah_StoutBekah Stout, Tutor in Fellowships and Art

Email: rstout [at]

Greetings Dunsterites! I am really excited to be part of your community this year as a fellowships adviser. For the last few years I have been working as a lecturer in creative writing at BU, a director of a non-profit called the Favorite Poem Project, and the assistant poetry editor for Slate. I’ll be taking some time off to work on my own book of poems over the next year, and look forward to a healthy diet of bracing conversation with some marvelous Meese to keep me sane. Drawing, painting, classical guitar, jazz, skiing, horseback riding, the ballet, and all things Shakespeare are a few of my favorite things. Even if you don’t need to talk fellowships, Jeff and I are always up for a good conversation, so please join us in the dining hall.

Anna_Marie_WagnerAnna Marie Wagner, Tutor in Business and SASH

Email: annamariewagner [at]

Hi Meese! I’m thrilled to be back at Dunster! I graduated class of 2011 (Applied Math – Econ) and fondly remember SCR dinners, culinary team adventures, and the Porters’ infinite kindness and wisdom. I also remember a 5th floor H-entryway sophomore year walk-up, but it sounds like these are things you’ll no longer have to experience (sure makes me feel old!). I’ve been living in the area since graduating, working for Bain Capital Private Equity and am starting at HBS this fall. Going through the crazy Junior/Senior year recruiting process at Harvard combined with helping for BainCap recruiting has given me a decent amount of insight into how to go about getting jobs so I’m always happy to help with the “what do I want to do when I grow up and how do I get there?” questions. I also help run the Dunster House Culinary Team and am a Sexual Assault/Sexual Health (SASH) tutor so my door is always open if you’d like to discuss anything related to those as well. Outside of work/school, our life now mostly revolves around Jonathan, the latest addition to our family (as of May 2015) but I also love biking, tennis, knitting, watching terrible TV shows, and cooking.