Resident Wellness Tutors

Brian Claus
Email: bclaus1012 [at] gmail.com

MG Prezioso
Email: mgprezioso [at] g.harvard.edu

Cara Weisman
Email: weisman [at] g.harvard.edu

Hello, Dunster! We are available to you if you ever have questions relating to wellness matters. Don’t be a stranger!

Wellness events include :

  • Depression Screening
  • Study breaks with smoothies and nutritious snacks
  • Free 10-minute massages during Reading Period
  • Free drop-in yoga classes
  • Arts & Crafts Night
  • Mindfulness Workshops
  • Learn how to make your own body butter, give a massage, and more!

Bureau of Study Counsel

BSC Website

The Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC) supports students in their efforts to learn and develop at Harvard. The BSC’s services help you to approach your intellectual work with skill, strategy, and spirit; to make difficult choices about your time and your priorities; to conduct yourself with integrity and honor; to develop a sense of voice and authority in your scholarship, relationships, and leadership; to work well and play well with others; to discover what leaves you feeling enlivened and engaged; and to make meaning of your work and your life. Among the Bureau’s many services are individual counseling for academic and personal development, workshop and discussion groups, peer tutoring, consultation to student organizations, and a course in reading and study strategies.

For details on these events and other wellness-related activities, be on the look out for Wellness News emails from Erica and Katie. We will also be posting information on the Wellness bulletin board in the Dunster mailroom.

Dunster Wellness Calendar

September  2020