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Happy Housing Day!


    Welcome New Freshmen Meese! 


 Housing Day Schedule

                5:00-7:00pm               Welcome Dinner & Gear Sales (Dining Hall)

                 7:00-7:45pm                Scavenger Hunt (Meet in Courtyard Lounge)

                 7:45-8:15pm                Faculty Deans’ Ice Cream Bash (Dining Hall)

                8:15-9:00pm                Grille for New Meese (Basement Grille         

                         9:00-10:30pm              Welcome Home Stein Club (JCR)

Mooseletter – March 11, 2019

From the Office of the Resident Dean – Michael Uy
Dear Meese, here we are! Housing day, a lot of theses submissions, midterms, the beginning of Spring Break…! If you’ve got a lot going on this week, good luck, good …

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