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  • Sophomore Dinner 2013
  • Senior Dinner 2013
  • Goat Roast 2013
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  • Pumpkin Carving 2012
  • Mt. Moosilauke 2012
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Welcome Back!


We’re excited to welcome home our new and returning Meese!cartoon-moose-silhouette

Move-in day is Thursday, August 28 at 9:00 a.m. Please do not plan to move in earlier than the 28th unless an orientation program has confirmed you have early housing.

Students are welcome to move-in anytime between Thursday, August 28 and the start of classes on Tuesday, September 2. For a list of all academic dates, please see the Registrar’s Five-Year Calendar.

Packages can be mailed starting August 18th. They can be picked up at the package depot at the MAC Quad at the bottom of Dunster Street. The package depots will be open until September 12th. After that date, all  packages will be located in the Building Manager’s Office at the Inn at Harvard.

For a list of the 2014 dining hall opening dates, please visit the HUDS website.

As we’ll all be settling in to Swing Housing this year, we’ve listed the addresses of the swing buildings, along with a map of their locations, on our House Renewal page.

We can’t wait to spend this year with you in our beautiful new swing spaces!

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