Dunster House Mooseletter

The Mooseletter is published every Monday throughout the academic year. In the Mooseletter you will find messages from the deans, important academic information, as well as a list upcoming House events. It is essential reading for everyone in Dunster House!

Dunster Graduation Ceremony

Dunster Graduation Ceremony

Thursday, May 27th, 2:00 p.m. EST

The Dunster House Graduation Ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 27th at 2:00 p.m. EST on zoom and will last approximately 1 hour. Graduating Dunster students received an email with details on how to register and participate in this special event!



From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael Uy

Deer Meese, Happy March! Happy Women’s History Month! I hope you had a restorative Wellness Monday <3 I know we’re in that time of the semester with midterms, psets, and theses. I hope you’re still finding ways to...

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Mooseletter - 2/22/21

From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael Uy
Deerest Meece, Happy Fifth Monday I hope all of your classes are going well and that you are learning many wonderful things! It’s worth double checking now your my....

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Mooseletter - 2/8/21

From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael Uy

After watching the Superbowl Halftime show this morning, I’m really scratching my head – The Weeknd allegedly spent $7 million of his own money, on top of Pepsi/NFL’s budget for the show, and couldn’t even get real violinists? What exactly was that money spent on?! The masks? I mean it’s hard to come after JLo and Shakira, but that Jeep commercial held...

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Mooseletter - 2/2/21

From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael Uy
Deer Dunster, Greetings from a snowy and cold Cambridge (I’m a fairly predictable person. You can probably guess that I’ll make a comment about the weather, a Netflix show (at the moment, Bling Empire), or washing your hands...

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Mooseletter - 1/25/21

Welcome Back Message from the Faculty Deans, Sean & Cheryl

Dearest Meese,

Cheryl and I are writing to you now from the dining room table in the Faculty Dean Residence. As some of you will know, but sadly not all of you, you can get here by going up...

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Mooseletter - 12/7/20

From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael Uy

Deerest Dunster, I hope you all had a good weekend! Our heavy rain and snow here in Boston thankfully did not turn into a bomb cyclone, although it has become much chillier. I’m sure that all of you are now up-to-date about Harvard’s decision to allow juniors and seniors to return to housing...

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Mooseletter - 11/30/20

From the Office of the Resident Dean, Michael Uy

Deerest Dunster, my goodness, I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the semester and that tomorrow is December! You’re telling me that reading period begins this Friday?! I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving and were able to celebrate it, even if differently this year. I am grateful...

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