The Premedical Committee strives to help students navigate the processes of making the decision to pursue a career in medicine and applying to medical school. The resident and non-resident tutors who provide counseling represent the most important aspect of our advising system. Other resources, including the Premedical Manual and useful links, are available on this website.

The Premedical Committee is set up to provide Dunster House students and alumni with information on medical careers, medical schools, and the application process. The committee also writes a House Recommendation Letter (also called a “Dean’s Letter” or “Committee Letter”) which accompanies the applicant’s other academic references to every school. A personal advisor is assigned to each Junior, Senior or alum who will be applying in the current year to help with all aspects of the application process and to write the first draft of the House letter. Please note that applicants who contact the Premedical Committee after June 29 during their application year will not have a House letter written for them because there is too little time.

While medical schools may list their official deadlines as Oct. – Dec., they begin reviewing applications and sending secondary applications in June. You optimize your chances of admission by submitting your application as early as possible. Being aware of the general timeline for the process, as well as specific deadlines for Dunster House, is the responsibility of each applicant.


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