Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation can be stored in your student file for future use at your request. You can ask for letters of recommendation from professors, teaching fellows, a supervisor or mentor at any time. We encourage you to ask before your potential recommenders forget
details that could make your letters more effective.

Once in your file, the Academic Coordinator can distribute individual letters as part of an application or send them back to their respective writers for editing upon request. The Pre-Med, Pre-Law, and Fellowships Tutor teams also use letters stored in your file to write composite dean's letters.

Placing Letters of Recommendation on File

To place a letter of recommendation on file, fill out the top section of the waiver below and
give it to your recommender. Your recommender will fill out the rest of the form and return
it with your completed letter. A completed waiver must accompany all letters to be stored in
your file. Letters without waivers will not be distributed.

Recommendation Letter Waiver Form

Email Diana at hovsep@fas.harvard.edu for more details.