Common Spaces

General Common Space Guidelines 

Currently the only designated indoor eating and drinking spaces are the Dining Hall, the directly adjacent upper deck seating area, and the Small Dining Room. Food/drink cannot be consumed in any other public indoor House spaces. Masking is required in public indoor common spaces at all times when not actively eating/drinking in the areas listed above. The only exception is in the case of pre-approved, House-sponsored events, in which case all guests will be notified in advance that eating/drinking may occur, and can plan accordingly. For detailed information on University health and safety guidelines, please visit the Keep Harvard Healthy website.

HEPA filters located in the common spaces should be left on and running at all times. 

Outside photographers are not permitted to take photographs or film in the Harvard undergraduate Houses without prior approval from the House Administrator and Harvard Public Affairs and Communications Office.

Function Rooms

The following function rooms are available for Dunster student use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for studying, relaxing, and small group discussion: Junior Common Room (JCR), Small Dining Room (SDR), Courtyard Lounge (E108), and Seminar Rooms E104, E105, E109, and W024.

The JCR, SDR, and Seminar Rooms are also available for reservations between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. during term-time. The spaces can be reserved by Dunster affiliates only. Reservations are approved on an individual basis by the House Administrator and House Aides. Please review the room reservations page for policies and guidelines prior to submitting your room request.

Hallway Common Room East 509 (aka "the fun pod") can be reserved by Dunster students for parties through the Resident Dean's Office. For more information on booking this space please visit the party policies page.

Dining Hall reservation requests should be emailed to the House Administrator with a minimum of 3 weeks notice. If approved, the individual reserving the space must complete the required event registration forms for both Dunster House and the Dean of Students Office. The group must also meet with the House Administrator in advance to discuss event details and ensure compliance with House policies. A $500 space rental deposit is required.

Hallway Common Rooms

The following hallway common rooms and multipurpose rooms are located throughout the House and are available to Dunster House residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no reservation needed!

Hallway Common Rooms: E306, E407, E417, W509
Multipurpose Rooms: W205, E507

Other Common Spaces

Dunster has a beautiful library, meditation room, art room, House gym, student kitchen, and several music practice rooms. Find out more about these areas by exploring the building information menu.


There are three elevators located in Dunster House, one on the east side, just next to the Dining Hall, and two on the west side. Please pay close attention to the posted occupancy limits, always allow people to exist the elevator before entering, and maintain a 6 foot distance at all times.


Hallway printer closets connected to the Harvard wifi network are located on each floor of Dunster House. Email the Building Manager or your friendly neighborhood Tutor to help you locate the closest one. The reading room, located just next to the House library, is also available for printing. Printers are maintained by HUIT, which can be reached directly with any repair or supply requests at 617-495-7777.

Quiet Hours

Please note that Quiet Hours for Dunster House are:
Monday through Thursday: 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM
Friday through Sunday: 2:00 AM – 8:00 AM