House Aides

Emma Kromm

House Aide

Hi Dunsterites! I'm serving as one of Duntser's House Aides (affectionately known as "House Elves") for a second year. House Aides assist Rachel and the Faculty Deans in staffing events and general administration, so you'll see me throughout the year at Open Houses, House Dinners, and generally around the dining hall! As an undergrad, I lived in Currier House and studied Social Studies. After graduating in 2018 I started working as a Research Analyst at the Tobin Project, a non-profit social science research firm in the Square. Please don't hesitate to say hello or to come to me with any questions about college or life afterwards!

Betsy Prezioso

House Aide

Hi Everyone! I’m really looking forward to joining the Dunster family and serving as one of your House Aides this year. I graduated in 2020 from Leverett House with a concentration in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a secondary in Folklore and Mythology. I am currently working at MGH in the Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit studying the microbiome and GI cancer prevention; I’m planning on attending medical school after taking a couple of gap years. While I won’t be able to meet you at in-person Open Houses or in the dining hall, I look forward to getting to know some of you via Zoom and other virtual outlets during this strange time. Can’t wait to see all of you when we (eventually) return to campus!