At Dunster House, we take great pride in our students who identify as BGLTQ, asexual or aromantic, gender non-conforming, or any other sexual and/or gender-related identity descriptor. We are prideful because the presence of these students provides a multitude of possibilities for community conversation, growth, and diversity. To honor these students for their representational labor and to create a welcoming environment for all, the BGLTQ Tutors provide spaces for students to commune, relax, process, or simply exist in a space where they feel less like the ‘other.’

The BGLTQ Tutors host activities at least once per month tailored to our BGTLQ students. All are welcome. In addition, students who wish to speak to us about BGLTQ-related issues or conflicts both in and outside of the House community are welcome to contact the Tutors via email or in person.

BGLTQ Resources

Office of BGLTQ Student Life

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life is the college’s hub for information on BGLTQ resources and events. All genders and sexualities are welcome! We encourage students to stop by the office to meet the staff, study, ask questions, or get resources.

Harvard QSA

The Harvard College Queer Students and Allies (QSA)is a resource organization concerned with improving the visibility, strength, and support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied students, initiatives, organizations, and communities, in recognition of the marginalization that exists as the result of stigmatized identities. This group seeks to promote community and awareness of and be a resource with respect to the social, socioeconomic, political, educational, and cultural issues surrounding queer identities and sexualities in the form of events driven toward creating safe spaces in collaboration with other groups, institutions, and communities.

Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus

The Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus has been working for the bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans and queer members of the Harvard University community since 1984. The HGSC (formerly the HGLC) is dedicated to fostering a robust community that links the BGLTQ alumni, faculty, staff and students together on campus and around the world.

Peer Counseling

Contact provides non-judgmental, non-directive, confidential peer counseling for Harvard undergraduates. Members are trained to handle a wide variety of issues and specialize in issues of sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, and relationships. For more information, reach out to with any questions!

Student Organizations

Harvard College’s Office of BGLTQ Student Life maintains student organizations for members of the community who wish to share social space with students like themselves. This includes: BAGELS (for Jewish students); Harvard Aces (for asexual students and allies); HBASIS (for students in STEM fields); SHADE (for students of color); HQA (for Asian and Pacific Islander students); QUADS (for queer athletes); HUBBS (for future business leaders); One Queer Harvard (the pan-Harvard BGLTQ group); QSA (queer students and allies), and; Trans Task Force. Students interested in starting a new student organization can work with the Office of BGLTQ Student Life using the link above.

BGLT Health Information

Click above to access the UHS web page listing general health and wellness resources